Why We Exist

The Problem

In South Africa, over 67% of youth under the age of 25 are not employed, and those who are employed find themselves underemployed. Clearly, the rate of youth unemployment has become a national crisis, with significant social, economic and political implications. Entrepreneurship is one way to address this crisis. Unfortunately many youth lack entrepreneurial skills, capacity, access to financial services , access to business advisory services and have difficulty securing fund to launch their own businesses. This makes entrepreneurship only an option for a few privileged individuals.

Our Solution

EntreAcademy teaches creative thinking, business planning and practical entrepreneurship to youth to create the next generation of entrepreneurs who will innovate and create jobs. We disrupt traditional education through new method of learning and a creative entrepreneurial focused curriculum.

Positive Social Impact

EntreAcademy provides youth with entrepreneurial learning and skills in non-formal settings that empowers youth to believe in themselves and establishes entrepreneurship as a viable career option and as a catalyst for future job creation and economic stability. The introduction to entrepreneurship at earlier stages of youth development supports innovation, prevents new graduate underemployment or unemployment and is vital to fostering an entrepreneurial culture which will drive economic growth.